Apr 13, 2006

Images from Mud Slaughter (a.k.a. Sea Otter)

Courtesy of Greg Pleiss...

Thank goodness our motel room was stocked with towels. The maid at the Rodeway Inn absolutely loved us.

I don't remember being this clean.

Shift you bitch!

This may explain the shifting problem.

Friday's Time Trial was short, but painful. Seeing the results was even more painful. My shifting problems cost me at least 10 seconds & in a 4 minute TT, that meant about 20 spots.

I found the hot line in the final turn of Saturday's Short Track...

...this guy didn't.

1 comment:

Christie said...

I noticed looking through all of Greg's pix there are NONE of you falling or endoing! Pretty impressive ;o) Some of those other dudes were highly unlucky!