Apr 12, 2006

Mud Slaughter

I have nothing good to say about the 4-day mud fest that was Sea Otter except that at least I got to “race” against icon, Olympic, Commonwealth & World Champions like Bart Brentjens, Christoph Saucer, Liam Killen, Jose Antonio Hermida & Frishy. It was basically a World Cup - truly an honor I never imagined I’d get to enjoy. Think getting dunked on by Jordan, tee’n off against Tiger, going underneath Rossi in turn two at Motegi or lining the same grid as Schumaker. Granted, I royally got my ass kicked, but I don’t care. It's not my job to race bikes. My main concern is that my beautiful Trek 9.8 carbon frame has a massive abrasion on the chainstay due to 4 days of chain suck. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the NORBA Nationals now, although since the entire series pays UCI points toward the Beijing 2008 Olympics, I wouldn’t be surprised if some World Cup regulars show up every now & then to earn some points. I’m not worthy.

Check out the Schedule/Results tab on the Inland Valley Elite website for the down-low on the rest of Team K&N Performance. Thanks to Greg Pleiss, we’ll have images on the Photos tab soon.

Tuesday Night
Same shit, different Tuesday Night. Attack on the climb, hang on through the flats, attack on the climb again, hang on through the flats again. There was a bit of drama last night when two riders, who will remain un-named, rejoined the group after missing a lap. Another rider, also to be remain un-named, scolded their heinous action, resulting in a verbal battle. I hung back to make sure no punches were thrown, but once it was apparent it was just verbal disagreement, Trembly & McAfee had already staged a perfectly timed attack that only Norm was able to cover. Turner, some new lanky kid named Robert from Riverside & I tried to run them down, but no dice.

I really want to stay out of fights like this because it is just a training ride, but I’m not cool with people jumping in the break either. In fact, earlier in the evening some Citrus Valley Velo dude jumped in & I purposely took him wide into every turn until he finally popped off the back. So, I guess, I’m guilty of being an asshole. Nothing annoys me more than when someone jumps back in after losing contact (regardless of their reason). Even if they plan on just sitting in, how do I know they’re not going to use their fresh legs to blow us apart. When you get dropped, be a man & suck it up. Do something like: drop back to the next group on the road & try to help bring them up to the break or just TT it for the rest of the night. Don’t cut!

I’ve probably said too much already. No hard feelings…

Some lifted images from the Mud Slaughter Classic

I'm not sure who this unlucky dude is, but I did the same thing in Thursday's Super XC. I still have a swollen middle finger to prove it. And some poison oak too!

A guy could catch pneumonia waiting in line to wash his bike.

James missed his start time in Saturday's Semi-pro Short Track, but gave it a go anyway. So much for brand new clean K&N team kits.

Someone, I think JHK, was running these carbon tubeless wheels. Frishy had some Ritchey carbon tubulars. Awe, to be a legend.

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