Apr 26, 2006

Ryder's First, Rummy & More Otter

We had Ryder's Birthday Party at high noon on Saturday. He loved it & did great with a house full of people. Thanks to everyone who came. There are plenty of left-overs if anyone is interested.

The cake

Bella, the birthday boy & his new ball

A boy & his new trike

Drama & Treason at Work...
After a 2-hour doctor's appointment, I came back to work and found this ransom letter taped to my desk.

The ransom note was accompanied by this photo...

I did as exactly as the letter ordered & luckily, Rummy was returned in one piece to me, the rightful owner. There were some tense moments leading up to the Diet Pepsi w/Lime exchange, but as it turns out the kidnapper was bluffing. Typical Democrat.

On a Lighter Note...

I ran across this photo taken during the Pro Circuit Race at Sea Otter. Of all the awesome mud shots taken during the mountain bike racing, I like this one best. Must be the Angel guarding the roof of the Laguna Seca's Corkscrew. I'm sure she helped take the sting out of that last little kicker just before the top.

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