Nov 5, 2007

The Pogues, Into the Wild & Red Asphalt

Saw the Pogues show at House of Blues (HOB) Anaheim on Sunday night. It was pretty cool to be down on the floor so close to one of my life heroes, although last year's show at the Wilturn was better. The HOB is already small and it seemed like they over-sold the show. It was definately the most crowded HOB show I've ever been to. Before we went, I had entertained the idea of buying a ticket for tonight's show at the Wiltern, but after getting home at 2 a.m. on Monday morning, I couldn't bare the thought of staying out late twice in one week. Not even for Shane, who by the way looked excellant. It looks like he's lost weight. The funniest part of the night was when the crowd was waiting for the Pogues to come on stage; a roadie brought out a stool and set it center stage and the crowd gasped, assuming Shane was too wasted or feeble to stand on his own. As it turns out, the stool was for Shane to set his drinks. Icon.

Saw Into the Wild on Saturday night. Heavy. A sidenote to the story of Chris McCandless, is that it's hard to believe the same guy who played Jeff Spicolio and was married to Madonna is making movies like this. Good work and a good intreptation of the book. Anyway, the movie was rad. The book is even more rad. I liken it to a modern day Catcher in the Rye and think all men, young and old should read it (or listen on audiobook). And their women should too. It explains a lot.

I just found out that the Tossers played the Wiltern last Friday night. Sonofbitch. They'll be back in December. Thanks God.

The first Friday of every month is the Red Asphalt Ride. This month the turn-out was between 30 and 40.

We ride all over town, like through the parking lot of Target at Citrus Plaza.

And then we go over to City Hall and do a crit in the undrerground parking lot.

There are all kinds of bikes. Mountain bikes, road bikes, commuters bikes, beach cruisers, singlespeeds and of course, fixxies.

Every month's ride has a theme and since November is national mustache month, then why not? Here is the judging of the femme mustaches at the Redlands Bowl. The chick with the mohawk won. She made her own mustache with hair from her freshly shaved head. Rad.

Trevor won the mustache contest for the dudes, although Steve was a close second. I wasn't elgible because I didn't start growing mine until a week prior. Everyone else started at the beginning of October. Anyway, I went with a John Waters stache. Not rad. Creepy. Photos to come.

After the ride we went to the Vault, spread the good bicycle word and had a few drinks. Next month's theme is Christmas. With any luck at all, we'll have 50 people dressed in Santa suits riding around Redlands and a lot of toys for our toy drive.

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Blum said...

Todd and I apologize for the cheap beer cans you spoke about in an earlier post. We thought we were creating income for the homeless and illegals. Furthermore, it is hard to carry your empties when you have a poached deer on the back of the Rhino.