Nov 21, 2007

I’ve never really liked Temecula

When I was a kid we’d occasionally play soccer teams from Temecula and youthful ignorance made me believe that they were all rich kids so I hated them and the town they came from. Coincidentally, I also hated Grand Terrace for the same reason. Plus, its name sounded so elitist. As an adult I discovered that Grand Terrace is neither grand, nor is it much of a terrace and the kids there aren’t much different than the kids in Rialto. However, after calling it home for five years, I can now say that GT (as the locals call it) is not a bad place. Temecula, on the other hand is a bad place. I tore my ACL in Temecula, I was issued a speeding ticket in Temecula, I was stung by a bee in Temecula, and last Saturday I soloed the 12-Hours of Temecula mountain bike race (10-Hours of Temecula, actually). It was, and I still am miserable.

Cramps, stomach issues, and then getting passed by girls – they all played a part in my demise.

Afterward, it was pointed out by some that my diet, nutrition, and preparation for the event were sub-par. They mocked me. And you know what? They’re right. It’s time to get this situation under control. Dedication, hard work, the ability to suffer, and left-over teenage angst can only take you so far for so long in this world. I need to either tap into some previously undiscovered raw talent or start reading some supplements labels because this fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants stuff just won’t fly.

It’s all got me very worked up. I need a drink.

I can’t blame my bike. For 10 hours it (and the fine mechanical skills of Ben Parks) kept me doing laps.

Although, riding one of these would have been nice. Johnson's Superfly has arrived.

My body felt like I was riding one of these.

On subsequent days, I rode one of these.

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JOY said...

Um, if that couch is really at your house...can i borrow it?