Jan 3, 2008

I got this text

It said: "Are you still alive?"

I replied: "No, I'm not still alive. I'm texting you from the afterlife. The group rides here are phenomenal."

And now the sender of this text is mad because, I was a smartass when answering a concerned question. I told this person that he'd know if I was dead because I've willed him what's left of my collection of stems. Unfortunately my collection of stems ain't what it used to be because I've already given most of them to this person. The irony.

I wonder what kind of comment this person will leave?

Meanwhile at the Orange Show Race Track

We did a little time trial testing. I did a little riding and a little forgetting my TT helmet and Max Performance Mike did a little filming. After a warm-up, 40 hot laps, & a cool down, here's what we came up with:

I have good knee angle.

My hip is open correctly.

My position just sucks. I've seen flatter backs in a retirement home.

Mike says I need to rotate my pelvis to flatten my back and get my glutes more involved. As is, my crappy position is causing me to loose up to 25% of my power. It's bad enough that my horrible hip flexability prevents me from doing the splits on the balance beam and during my floor routine.


Blum said...

So you are saying a man filmed you and made comments about your hips and butt? Hmmm, maybe you need to come back to the manly world of performance automotive and get out of hippy commune you work for.

Anonymous said...

An Individual Time Trial (ITT) is a road bicycle race in which cyclists race alone against the clock (in French: contre la montre - literally "against the watch").Buy an issue of Triathelete magazine with one hand free look at the photo's..dont read anything...then get a allen wrench and copy a position you like. $4.99 for the fit, no charge for the french lesson.

Anonymous said...

Blum is right...All that HACKY SACKIN in the quad has screwed up your TT Posistion and that HEMP cycling KIT is no help. Did I see you at CHIPOTLE with greenzo?

Anonymous said...

You are a jerk!! The only reason that i sent that text " are you still alive?" is that is the same message I received from you while vacationing in Colorado for the holidays. In my response I was much more civil than your reply.
I consider our friendship??? terminated at this point in time!!

Anonymous said...

One more thing, I hope your beloved Packers get killed next weekend!!

Anonymous said...

You know how I Know your gay...Men are calling you a jerk and breaking up with you.

And PS I hope Pacman has a bad game.

Matt said...

Blum: The manly world of performance automotive where they won't fire you face to face? Yeah, that's manly.

Anonymous A: The only lessons I've learned from the French is to surrender and to not shower after a ITT.

Anonymous B: Actually, the driver's seat in my Subaru has messed up my TT position.

Annonymous C & D: Take it back.

Anonymous said...

I will take back any anti packer sentiment if Myself and Mark Chumura can come to your house to watch the game next weekend.