Jan 7, 2008

Sooner or later, you knew it was coming

My goals for 2008. In bullet point form! What now Trevor?
  • Get a unicycle so I can chase Ryder on his tricycle in the backyard
  • Be nicer to people who don't ride bikes
  • Buy a new filter for my humidifier since the current filter is moldy
  • Floss the bottom row of my teeth more often
  • Put together my jigsaw puzzle of dogs celebrating the 4th of July
  • Drink more wine
  • Watch more movies so I have a freaking idea of what everyone is talking about
  • Watch more meaningful movies so everyone has no idea what I'm freaking talking about
  • Learn to cut my own hair so I save 10 bucks a month
  • Plant a tree
  • Watch the Packers win the Super Bowl
  • Go to a NFL game, but not one in Oakland, Pittsburg, Denver, Philly, San Diego, St. Louis, or New York
  • Run at least once a week to build up my bone density since I'm getting old
  • Ride in Moab
  • Read some books that aren't about the history of punk rock
  • Read more books to Ryder
  • Be more consistent in my consumption of ice cream
  • Learn how to spell better (not to be confused with learn how to spell the word better)
  • Go to the beach and get in the ocean more than once a summer
  • Stretch when I get off the bike instead of before I go to bed
  • Kick more ass
  • Take more names
  • Send Mike my Power Tap files on a regular basis
  • Do more rides on my own
  • Take more pictures
  • Leave more footprints
  • Make more lists


Anonymous said...

10 Bucks for a Haircut....I thought Floyd the Barber had retired....You must be going into Mt. Pilot to see aunt bees nephew.

Christie said...

love the list!

Anonymous said...

Don't rad thse books to him.

JOY said...

you look busy. I guess we will see you in 2009.

JReth said...

I can verify that your promise to floss regularly has merit. Might I suggest: http://www.plackers.com/