Jan 9, 2008

This Just In

Drinking tap water is not a crime.

Using all the plastic required to produce and drink bottled water is.


Trevor Walton said...

Two words: Brita Filter

Much less waste, none of the craptastic tap-water taste.

Anonymous said...

Saving the Earth while maintaining profitability, Greenzo agrees with blogger Matt.
Greenzo would like to see your family switch from that 50 pack of huggies a week, to a hemp or cloth diaper.
This in turn would help you compost your own feces.
PS: Greenzo wears green just like # 4

Backin1980 said...

Since so many posters, are trading on my aleady not so good name. I from this day forth will only post under my glory days handle while paying homage to my uncle rico.

Blum said...

Dude, are you turning into Jesus Christ or Charles Manson? Sounds like you've been hanging out with patchuli oil sticking hippies.

Anonymous said...

It's been a few days since #4 has been sent into exile for the rest of the season and there has been no rant?? You disappoint me.