Jan 7, 2008

Surprise, Surprise

Kelly Slater is on the cover of the February issue of Outside Magazine. Again.

Now that just leaves Lance Armstrong, Laird Hamilton, Jack Johnson, Ed Viesturs, Ben Harper & Eddy Vedder for months March thru December. I wonder in what order?

And I wonder which issue will claim Tucson as a great place to live? Again.

Give me a break.


Anonymous said...

Tucson officially became part of the United States with the Gadsden Purchase of 1854.
Tucson boasts the best of both worlds...the progress and innovation of a metropolitan community and the friendly, caring atmosphere of a small town. Tucson's rich cultural heritage centers around a unique blend of Native American, Spanish, Mexican and Anglo-American influences. Blessed with the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert and an unsurpassed climate of 360 sunny days a year.

Mayor Bob Walkup invites you for a visit.

Matt said...

Would Mayor Bob Walkup's cultural heritage be the Republican Party?

Someone should tell tell old Bob about the cock roach and ant infestation at the Tucson Waffle House.