Oct 14, 2005

The Forgotten Child

Sala hasn't been gettin' the love she once got. On the other hand (paw), she's got a California King to sleep on now, so who's complaining.

Holy crap! says Ryder. Have you heard the newest Explosions in the Sky CD? It'll blow your mind! (Thanks Loren). During lunch I took a trip to Mad Platter & took possesion of The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place, by Explosions in the Sky & The Valley of the Shadow of Death by The Tossers. Holy crap! They're both mind-blowing. Explosions... is all insturmental, kind of like Mogwai. I first heard them on the Friday Night Lights movie & most recently on Loren's iPod. I'm convinced. The Tossers, who have been one of my favorites for the last 3 years are a 7-piece from Chicago of Irish descent; as rowdy & raw as ever. So, of course I had to stop by the liquor store on the way home to celebrate my new Tossers LP.


Tomorrow at 7:30 AM, I've got a bunch of lads from Orange County coming over to ride Santa Ana River Trail from South Fork & I don't think I'll be joining them. Gotta get some stuff done around the house & the planned ride is at least a 3.5 hour expedition. I've only got 2.5 to spare & for some reason I've been craving Oak Glen. Maybe it's because I want to sleep in for a change. Maybe it's because apple season is in swing. Maybe it's because Oak Glen represents everything good in life. Or maybe it's just because I can hammer it out in 2.5 hours. Regardless, tomorrow I'm destined for Los Rios Ranch.

What a Difference a Week Makes

The MTB season has been over less than 7 days & already everthing has changed. James has been riding the trainer up in Big Bear (already?). However, currently he's in Atlanta hanging out with Maigh & he'll soon be headed to one of the Carolina's for his Grandfather's 90th. I imagine Loren is holding down the fort on Silvertip. Meanwhile, Josh is MIA, although that's not uncommon for the Great Northwesterner during football season. Johnson has been on vacation, but I think he's back in action because he sent me an email tonight. And I'm tied up with SEMA until the second week of November. About the only thing normal is that Sean has arranged a SART ride tomorrow, hence the onslaught of dudes I'm expecting at my house tomorrow morning. Watch out for the Motor City Madman

Email from Joey regarding the Wednesday Night MTB Rides

"Are bicycles provided or is it BYOB? Your answer determines if I show. Love, Uncle Joey
PS: I don't have your Minor Threat CD."

Dear Joey,

First of all, do I look like a bike shop? Of course it's Bring Your Own Bike. Why would I be supplying everyone with bikes? Secondly, you're not my Uncle Joey. You're Ryder's Uncle Joey. You're my Brother-in-law. I think all this Uncle stuff has gone to your head. And finally, I don't actually think you took my Minor Threat CD. I'm pretty sure I know who took it. I'm just trying to give them, yet another chance to come clean. Anyway, see you Wednesday. Love, Brother-in-law Matt.

P.S. How was the walk-through? Meredith said you left a lot of blue masking tape.

There's always room for another Brian Head photo.

Did I mention how bad-ass this Explosions in the Sky CD is?

Quote: "I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen." - Ernest Hemingway

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CityBoy said...


Glad to hear you picked up the explosions record. James picked up a new cd while on his trip: CLAPYOURHANDSSAYYEAH. Really good. Flying to austin tomorrow for a bit. Racing in a crit downtown this weekedend. Keep up the blogging.