Oct 17, 2005

Save the Oranges

My million dollar patio cover project went nowhere this weekend. Actually, it wasn’t until this weekend that we discovered it was going to be a million dollar patio cover project. Instead, I planted 4 dwarf Washington Navel orange tress at $19.99 a pop. While I was at Lowe’s, buying the trees, some old dude commended me for buying orange trees. He said, “We have to keep our orange trees in Redlands.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that my house was built on a recently destroyed orange grove.

Meanwhile, I was single-handedly trying to save the citrus heritage of Redlands/Mentone from land developers, Sean Donovan, Chris Heinrich, the Stephenson brothers & a couple of other dudes parked at my place & did a morning shuttle run of the Santa Ana River Trail from Poop Out back to my place. Once I was over the sticker shock of the patio cover, I went out & did Lower Workout, plus some, with Templeman. The recent fire through the Mill Creek area has made the upper wash trail look & feel like you’re riding on the moon. I recommend we roll Crafton this Wednesday night.

Ryder got invited to his first birthday party this Sunday. Alison Zercher’s daughter, Avery, turned a year old. According to Denise, Ryder fell asleep toward the end of the birthday bash. Yep, I’d say he’s my kid: Cheery & vibrant in the morn & sleepy & grumpy as the day wares on.

Steelman Steve McKovich made his return to riding on Sunday, after recently getting his contractor’s license. It was a short-lived comeback because it began raining about 20 miles in. Lucky for me, we were nearly complete with Green Spot when it started to drizzle so I wasn’t far from the dry comfort of my house. A couple hours later when I was out running errands, I saw Turner off the bike & out for a run even though it was raining. Sicko.

It has continued to rain off & on ever since. Denise still managed to take Sala out for a run this morning. They came back a wet mess; mostly from sweat.

Apparently, the weekend road rides won’t be leaving from GFE starting next Saturday. Little known fact: GFE isn’t GFE anymore & it hasn’t been for a while. I never noticed. As long as they were pouring me an occasional free cup of hot coffee, I was happy. Now we’ll be leaving from Stell Coffee on Barton Rd. & Alabama. Don’t ask why. Just be there.

Childhood alcoholism. Don't take it lightly. The billboard near work that used to read, “Childhood Obesity. Don’t take it lightly” is now a Miller Light billboard.

Speaking of the decadence that is alcohol, I took a trip to BevMo yesterday & walked away with a Shipyard Chamberlain Pale Ale named after great Union Civil War General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Excellent. I drank it last night while using the electric circular saw to build my awesome new sawhorse bike stand. I know what you’re thinking: Electric tools, alcohol – not a good idea. Relax, it was only 22 oz. Unlike Confederate General Stonewall Jackson, whose men often exchanged gunfire with Chamberlain's in the early part of the war, I still have two hands. Too bad Shipyard doesn't brew a William Tecumseh Sherman beer; one sip & it would knock you on your ass, burn down your house, tear up your railroads & leave you naked in the streets. I could go on about Sherman forever...

Can we get a NORBA NCS schedule please? A tentative schedule was rumored to be floating around Mammoth last month, but nothing official yet. Come on! I got family vactions to plan.

All dressed up & ready to party.

Eye Eye, Captain!

No respect.


Christie said...

My team manager got a hold of this, probably from Jim Wannamaker @ KENDA. I am trying to find out where he got it because I am curious how "Smelly Bonelli" ended up on there!

4th-7th...NCS BONELLI....XC and 4X
19th-21st..NCS SONOMA.....XC

9th-11th..NCS SUGAR MTN, NC..XC&DH
16th-18th..NCS MT. SNOW, VT..XC&DH

21st-23rd..NCS MAMMOTH

12th-14th..NCS SNOWMASS...XC & DH

jimmywill said...


Matt said...

Not a bad looking schedule. Hopefully it sticks. As bad as Bonelli is, it's still better than Crapstaic!
See you tonight?

Shhhhh! It's a secret. I haven't made the official announcement yet.