Oct 10, 2005

That's a Wrap

My long season finally came to an end on Sunday at the completion of the Fall Classic. Whew! It all started way back in January at the Nelson’s Landing Road Race, which I won by the way. Nearly 9 months of racing later & I’m ready to watch football on the weekends; at least until November rolls around & then it’s again time for long base miles. Back to the Fall Classic: I managed a 7th regardless of coming home from work early on Friday because I felt like I was going to vomit. Not sure what that was all about, but 4 hours spent in bed that day fixed me up. I’m not saying I didn’t feel like throwing up again during the race, because I felt horrible, but I am saying that the rest fixed me up good enough to mow the lawn & walk all over Point Loma on Saturday (more on that later). Back to the Fall Classic: I started slow & began coming on about 10 minutes into it until I got stuck behind some slower guys going down 1E01. I got complacent instead of trying to get around them on the treacherous single track & by the time we had dropped down onto the road heading back up the mountain to the 5 Bitches, it was too late. I let the race play itself out without getting involved.

Loren got involved in a big way. He & Paul Friewald traded the lead toward the end, but Paul made it to the mouth of Fall Line first, which pretty much decided that contest. Still, Loren should be proud of a close second. James ended up 6th with contact lense/chain/suspension problems. The Pro class was a barn burner. The top 5 finishers crossed the line within a minute of one another (so I was told).

I owe Denise, Ryder, Greg Johnson, Cyclery USA, Denise’s dad (Steve) for watching Sala and K&N; 9 months of thanks for helping out, putting up with me & for days off this year. Congrats & thanks to travel partners Josh, James, Loren & Sean for good company, good racing & money saved. And I can’t say enough about the van…

Year 5
Denise & I celebrated 5 years of matrimony on Saturday. Instead of spending massive amounts of cash on a weekend away, we chose to take Ryder down to Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma so he could get yet another stamp in his National Parks Passport. The little dude is less than 6 months old & he’s already been to Cedar Breaks, Zion, Saguaro & now Cabrillo. After checking out the lighthouse & some of the other stuff in the park we had dinner in SeaPort Village. Although the Salmon was top-notch, it probably didn’t help my cause at the Fall Classic; something more carb-filled would have been a better option. Ryder appeared to enjoy himself all day.

Posing for pictures is serious business.

Ryder & I tandem sky diving over the Pacific Ocean.

Packers 52, Saints 3 – Days of yore are back.

What’s Next?
Now that the season is finally over, I can finally build a patio cover, plant some trees, alphabetize the CD’s, put new music on the iPOD, put up some shelves in the garage, construct a climbing wall & paint the fence. I feel like I’m forgetting something.


In conjunction with K&N’s IndyCar® sponsorship, the IRL brought out their Fan Experience circus to K&N last Thursday. They cooked us tri-tip, chicken, corn on the cob & a ton of other stuff. As usual, I ate too much.

If he read my blog, Nigel Hill would probably hate it. Apparently he likes James’ blog because it’s usually filled with photos & no ramblings. I, on the other hand ramble.

Here's something you don't see every day.

Things got a little out of hand at the IRL Fan Experience. An unnamed co-worker broke a chair. Not World Wrestling Federation style. More like I ate too much tri-tip & chicken style.

Quote: “Sometimes I wish my brain didn’t think so much.”Julie Wofford, explaining why the thought of hot dogs being made prevents her from eating them.


Jamie said...

You are right Matt, Nigel probably wouldn't like your site, too many big words... It would just confuse him... ; )

Great racing this weekend.

I'm bummed on my flat. I had to let Manny and Nigel sprint it out for 4th without me... Then watch you, James, and everyone else fly by... Rough end to a rough season. Semipros are fast. Duh!

Matt said...

Hey Jamie,
Bummer about the flat. Robert Herber & Romolo flatted too. Rough day. I wish I had a good excuse like a flat. I suffered & sucked pretty bad.

Keep in touch. Are you still thinking about buying a place in BB? If so, let me know. I'm less than an hour away.