Oct 21, 2005

I Am Now a White Sox Fan

The Tossers may be too much for baseball fans to handle...

...but not too much for Ryder
Today, Ryder is 6 months old & to celebrate we bought him 4 shots, because all good Tosser fans take shots on special occassions. Actually, we took him to the doctor yesterday so he could get the rest of his vaccinations. The poor dude got 4 shots, two in each thigh, & a blood sample taken from his big toe. He was none too happy. The doctor says his motor skills are advanced for his age. It shan’t be long before he’s crawling. I long for the day when we can wrestle.

Wednesday Night
The rain on Monday & Tuesday made the traction for Wednesday night ride perfect. Tom Bielaszka, Jeremy Templeman, Chris Hoyt, Trevor, Johnson, Steelman Steve, Bike Shop Matt & I left my garage at 6:30 & headed toward Crafton Hills. Going up was typical of Crafton; long & gradual. Since we opted to do an out & back, ripping down from the top was pretty sweet. You couldn’t ask for better conditions & if I wasn’t so lazy, I’d have photos as proof. On the way up, Johnson, Bielaszka and Trevor kicked the hell out of each other; however the rest of us chose to ride at winter-speed. We were all back in my garage just before 8:30 & Trevor, Johnson, Bike Shop Matt & Steelman Steve even went Casa Maya afterwards for dinner. I’m thinking Lower or Upper Workout next Wednesday & if we can, let’s roll closer to 6:15.

This is what my ride to work looked like this morning, only worse. I don't care what the calendar says. My freezing body tells me winter is here.

Road or Mountain?
Despite the fact that I had iceberg lettuce, two pumpkin beers & mint/cream Oreos for dinner last night, I’ve been pining over next year’s Sea Otter Classic for some reason. Maybe it’s because the weather around here lately reminds me of riding in Monterey or maybe it’s because I had a dream about the epic event. Nevertheless, I’m already trying to decide whether I’ll contest the road or mountain bike events. Last year I chose road & entered Sunday’s MTB race just for fun. Next year won’t be as easy of a decision. I won’t be able to do both because the MTB stage race starts on the same day as the road racing. If I race the dirt, it will probably be my one & only chance to race with an actual knight, Sir Bart Brentjens. Of course, they seem to knight everyone these days, so the prestige of being knighted is beginning to dwindle. Hell, they even knighted Elton John, Michael Caine & Bill Gates a few years ago. I knew a dude who worked at a golf course & he caddied for Sir Bill once. He said Gates only tipped him a couple of bucks after 18 holes. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Sea Otter. For now, (today) let’s say I’ll race the mountain bike & leave the road bike at home.

Finally, a worthy cause...

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