Oct 24, 2005

Patio Cover Adventures & a Weekend Spent Off the Bike

Ryder & I spent Friday evening on the couch sharing a drink. Cheers mate!

My Dad & I spent Saturday morning at Lowe's & Saturday afternoon building The World's Best Patio Cover.

Denise, Ryder, Mer, Joey, Josh, Jeannie & Ms. Bell spent Saturday night trick-or-treaten' at California Adventure.

Do not attempt this at home. Speaking of homes, Mer & Joey got the keys to their new house on Friday. Now the painting begins.

Ryder's first merry-go-round ride was from the cockpit of a bench.

Silly Boy, books are for brain washing people: Not for eating.

Zoinks! Josh, Jeannie & Ms. Bell dressed as Shaggy, Vilma & Scooby. The Freemans were supposed to fill out the gang as Fred, Daphne & Scrappy, but we had some wardrobe malfunctions before leaving home.

Patio cover construction continued on Sunday.

The foreman.

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