Dec 20, 2005

Giant Yard Sale

The mess in & around my desk became unbearable today, so I finally got around to my spring cleaning. Better late than never. Why not have a giant yard sale (I know, the photo sucks) outside of my cubical to get rid of some of the junk that has taken over my work space? Some of my wares included a digital camera that I dropped on the Tuesday Sunset ride & then ran over with my rear Bontrager Race X Lite. The camera is junk now, but people buy junk. My collection of Hood Hounds were some of the first items to go. Lil’ Bit bought those for a nickel a piece. Ironically, I think she bought them for me in the first place out of the gum ball machine at Miguel Jr’s. All the FranklinCovey propaganda & Robert Hordossy’s foam-core mounted vision statement is still up for grabs. And so is the cheese chub

Ryder's First Santa
I rushed home from the Saturday ride so we could take Ryder to sit on Santa's lap at the Redlands Mall. I had money riding on the chance that he'd cry when left on this strange man's lap. A safe bet, I thought. Turns out, I was wrong. The little dude didn't make a peep. He spent about 5 minutes just sitting there, tugging on Santa's authentic beard. As soon as I can scan the prints that we bought, I'll post them. It was pretty freaking cool. He's a good kid.

The following information could save your life…

Building on Joy Duerksen’s witch hunt (she does live in the woods) for “B” rated eating establishments in the greater Redlands area, Templeman found the following info online. It’s horrible news. Read 'em & weep.

Cha Cha's Tacos "B"
Hogi Yogi "B"
House of Blends "C"
Hustler Club "B"
Inland Buffet "B"
Long John Silvers "B"
Marie Calendars "B"
Pizza Hut "B"
Redlands Ranch Market "B"
Thai House Restaurant "B"
The Vault "B"
Tom's #1 "B"
Uncle Howies Pizza "B"
Wienerschnitzel "B"
Frank's Place "B"
J&H Market "B"
La Costa Mariscos "B"
Mill Creek Cattle Co. "B"

I’m guilty of eating at about 3 of these germ & rat infested incubators. I even had my last two birthday dinners at Uncle Howie’s. It’s a wonder we don’t all have the bird flu or something.

Dont' Forget: REV Parking Lot, Wednesday 6:15 PM

Shut up Donny


Anonymous said...

Add Open Kitchen to your "B" list.
-the wife

Christie said...

oh no! Uncle Howie's? I am not surprised about Mill Creek though.

Joy said...

You should see what we REALLY hunt up here in the woods...also, great shot of the Redlands Mall

Trevor said...

Since you didn't say *where* Templeman found them. Here's the master-list.

Read 'em (or search for 'em) and weep.


Shane said...

Are you surprised that the "talent" at the Hustler Club couldn't muster a better rating? Larry Flint is known for many things but I don't think a clean place to grub is one of them.