Dec 2, 2005

Wet Rides on the Rise

It's raining as I type.

Nine of us made the Wednesday night ride this week. Eleven if you count us meeting up with Jeff (or is Geoff?) & Rita Ward late in the ride. Templeman, Josh, Trevor, Johnson, Art, Tom, Robert, Al & I grinded out Upper Workout for a change. It was a good ride. The only downside was the Mill Creek crossing was almost knee deep & freezing cold. Whether you cleaned it or not, your feet got totally wet. Last week the thing was almost bone dry. They must have flipped a switch up by the Ranger Station to diver the water in our direction. A burrito at Cuca's after the ride made up for the fridgid feet.

Next Wednesday, we've decided to switch gears & do Hulda Crooks at 6 P.M. See you there & that includes YOU, CycleTek dudes!

My Quest for Leg Power
I've made it to the gym twice this week, which is an accomplishment since my weight lifting workouts have been sparse. I broke things off with Bally Total Fitness & rebounded over to L.A. Fitness. It was a clean break. My contract was up. L.A. Fitness is closer to home, cheaper & nearly new. And they have an indoor lap pool, so when I get old & decide to start doing tri's, I'll have somewhere to swim for a change. At the Bally's outdoor pool, you had to dodge the aqua aerobic whales & PT patients in order to swim laps.

Ryan Trebon has joined the blogging masses. Already his first 2 entries are pretty funny. For example, he rants about USA Cycling denying his Cat. 1 upgrade for the third time. How jacked up is their system if arguably America's best cross racer & damn near best mountain bike racer can't get granted a Cat. 1 road license. Tree Farm goes on to bring up the $150 Pro mountain bike license fee & the fact that USAC just changed the first NORBA Nat'l to the same weekend as the Tour of Georgia kick-off. If it ain't USAC, it's the AMA & if ain't the AMA it's the IRS.

Because I got nothing else to say on this wet Friday evening, I'll leave you with some t-shirts I recently found online. I'm thinking about buying them.

This one's for all the Laker, Raider & Trojan super fans.

I used to work with this guy.

Speaks for itself.

This one's for T.B.

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