Dec 5, 2005

The Redlands X-mas Parade

The Redlands Christmas parade was a sight to see. It started at 6 p.m. Saturday with the police/fire department bagpipe band, which was sweet. Few things sound better to me than the echo of bagpipes. Despite the parade’s 2-hour stream of attractions, the pipers were most definitely the highlight of the show; not to say it went totally down hill as it progressed. Let’s just say the group of community service “volunteers” that strutted down State Street behind the pipers were the beginning of the end (although I did hear one of them declare, “Clean & sober and proud of it!”). Good for them, now get out there & keep those highways clean!

Denise, Ryder, Jeannie, Miss Belle, Katherine (the Noriega cousin) & I made the best of the frigid evening. The educators in our midst saw many of their pupils & Jeannie summed it up best when she said, “I like a town where you know people in the parade,” or something like that. I agree, unless the people you know in the parade are the community service “volunteers.” Ryder liked all the commotion, including a gang of Harley-Davidson riders, the open-header hot rods & the elementary, middle school & high school bands. None of it was too loud for him, although I could have used a few less decibels. Oh, I almost forgot. There were people in the parade handing out brochures about the West Nile Virus. Nothing says Merry Christmas like literature from a Public Health Agency. I must have missed the people handing out info on the Bird Flu when I went to buy coffee.
Apparently anyone can be in the Redlands Christmas Parade. Sign up here.

Anyway, down town was freaking packed. We had to park illegally at the bank across the street from the Redlands Mall. Not to worry. All the cops were either in the parade or patrolling the intersections that it traveled through.

Earlier That Day…
I woke up to wet roads & instead of doing the smart thing & taking advantage of prime trail conditions, I went out for the Rain Cross ride, leaving the mountain bike in the garage. Not only was it wet out, it was cold. Regardless, I rode until around 1 p.m. & logged 93 miles. Then I watched USC kick the crap out of UCLA.

Cross Dreams
Sunday as I was rolling home down Opal past Redlands East Valley HS, it suddenly occurred to me what a sweet place that campus would be for a cyclocross course. Its grounds are multi-leveled, there’s a lot of grass, dirt, a track, pavement, hills – everything you need for a cross course sans the barriers. Next weekend I’m going back over there to figure out a route. Now all I need is a cross bike.

Another Shirt I Don't Have... Yet

The Stuffed Animal I Want for Christmas

Jaws is still one of my favorite flicks.

This is a reminder: Wednesday 6:00 p.m. - Hulda Crooks.

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