Dec 1, 2005

It's About Time


It's time to give up the 5900. I have it on Ebay right now. Hopefully that will pan out. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Ride & Eat
That sums up my Thanksgiving holiday (aside from hanging out with Ryder & Denise). From Wednesday evening to Sunday, I was either riding my bike or eating large portions of food. We’re not talking your normal Thanksgiving gorging either. I’m talking about Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday spent rolling around on the floor each evening, bloated & in serious regret. Regret that only lasted until the next day when it started all over again. My only justification for it all is that I rode my arse off.

Wed. = 2 hours mountain bike
Thurs. = 3.5 hrs. mountain bike
Fri. = 4.5 hrs. road
Sat. = 6 hrs. road
Sun. = 2.5 hrs. mountain bike
For a grand total of 18.5 hours (give or take half an hour)

Now we’re talkin’. If I can keep that volume up for another 6 weeks, I’ll feel pretty good about all things racing. Maybe.

The DVD Situation
The ever-growing stack of unwatched DVDs at our house is becoming unmanageable. We just can’t seem to find the time to sit down & watch an entire movie without interruptions. Yet, when I turned on IFC on Friday evening & saw Pulp Fiction (uncut) was about to start, Denise & I somehow managed to watch the entire flick, even though we’ve both seen it over a dozen times. I guess it just goes to show how good Pulp Fiction really is. Unless we start watching all the on-loan DVDs soon, I’ll be forced to put up a sign in the front yard that says, “DVD Storage.”

To name a few, we have Boondock Saints, Dust to Glory (which I may or may not be boycotting), some NOFX documentary & Wedding Crashers. And those are only the few DVDs that I can remember. It hasn’t helped either that we recently got a DVR, so watching half-hour episodes of My Name is Earl, The Office & Comedy Central Presents is more convenient than ever. Jon Sorensen, once gave me his copy of Army of Darkness & I kept it for nearly a year. I finally returned it; unwatched. There’s just not enough time in the day I guess.

A Google Satellite Photo of Friday's ride courtesy of Johnson...

According to Johnson's GPS, the ride was just over 70 miles. With the exception of us deserting McKovich, thanks to someone who will remain anonymous, it was a perfect November spin.

Yet again a X-mas tree went up instead of a Festivus pole. Will Ryder ever get to experience The Airing of Grievances & Feats of Strenght?

Speaking of Ryder: Denise just called to tell me that Ryder got the second of two flu shots & he didn't even cry. Kick ass.

QUOTE: "I thought of that while I was riding my bike." - Albert Einstein, on the theory of relativity.


Joy said...

Can I buy your bike? $400 flat. I can make 12 easy payments, of whatever that would come out to be. This would be the perfect upgrade and fit, and i know you could not get a better offer....

Matt said...

I'm no accountant (apparently neither are you), but I think that comes out to $4800. Deal!

Joy said...

Actually, i only have $400. So, it would be $33.33 per month, 12 months. Deal! And yes, no accountant here, i can barely figure out the dimensions of a football field.