Dec 23, 2005

Watch Out Wells...

...I got a cyclocross bike!

And Ryder is going to help me build it.

Like they say over at Sager's, today I'm lazy, so I'm photoblogging.

We had a pot luck at work a couple days ago. I brought Orange juice, chips, salsa & Tums.

Templeman went back for thirds. He's bulking up.

Pot lucks are great. Luke warm food & dishes that are probably made in "B" rated kitchens.

One of Blum's horses came to the pot luck.

Today we changed the Giant Yard Sale to a 5-cent Mystery Grab Bag sale. This person single-handedly cleaned us out of grab backs, but she threatened my life if I posted her photo on the blog. I gambled a little bit (no pun intended) & smudged out her face. Good enough.

Lil' Bit recently bought a new taxi.

Lisa bought a taxi too.


Jeremy: "Irene is already bored & she's been only been on Christmas break for a couple days."

Trevor (in all sincerity): "Doesn't she have a bike?"


Anyone with information regarding the theft of Greg Johnson's repair stand from his front yard, please contact me. We're pulling funds together to offer a reward of this.

A message to whoever stold this stand: I hope Santa Claus leaves this under your tree.

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jimmywill said...

yo-i'm thinking about getting a rig. singlespeed is where its at....