Jan 12, 2009

The key word being "Food"

Trevor & I met Gardner in the O.C. to do the Food Park ride on Saturday. I’ll have to do that one a few more times before I learn the route. I spent some time on the front early on, but there are so many intersections (and traffic circles too) that I figured I better hang back a little to feel things out. Every time I looked up the road Gardner was either on the front or only a few wheels back. He loves Food Park. There had to have been close to 100 riders. It looked pretty cool as we snaked down Laguna Canyon toward PCH. The ride basically ends at the top of Newport Coast Drive, but only about half the group, if that, makes the climb. The other half stays North on PCH. Freddy Fresh Legs, who jumped in just before Laguna Canyon climbed away from us all on the ascent. I have a feeling that’s his M.O. every Saturday. I towed the front group after him, but with a little less than a K to go Gardner put in a big digger and only one other dude was able to go with him. I was cooked.

We put in a little over 4 hours total, riding up to the Huntington Peer and back though the hills to Culver & the 5 Fwy where Gardner treated us to Super Mex. It was a pretty good day and nice to ride some unfamiliar roads, but the wind was hellish and we were ready for it to be over. That night Denise made chicken enchiladas for dinner and by Sunday at lunch time I had eaten 9 of them.

Yesterday I didn’t get out on the bike until after noon. I cruised into Loma Linda on the MTB with Johnson and when I got to Hulda Crooks, Joy, Shelli, Adam, & Krista Park were there giving the Redlands Adventist Academy Mountain Bike Team a clinic. They looked like they had it handled so I took off and rode on my own for a couple hours. Hulda Crooks is in pretty good shape right now except someone built a bridge jump on one of the Jedi’s side trails. It looks cool, but it’s that kind of stuff that gets riding areas shut down. It’s only a matter of time before someone falls off of it, get’s jacked up, and sues the city. There were also a bunch of poser dirt bikers out there tearing up the trails. I was watching them and I think I could descend faster than most of them on my hardtail. The last hour of my ride was spent in the wind riding from Loma Linda to Rialto where we had a birthday dinner for my aunt and uncle at my parent’s house. I ate a lot over there too.

Let’s see, what else?

Jack asked his girlfriend, Mary, to marry him. She said yes.

The Dart won the South African Mountain Bike Championship by more than 7 minutes. I can’t get enough stories about the Dart.

Denise wants to do one of those organized century rides. Any suggestions? And don’t say Palm Springs.

I spent all weekend riding with just a jersey and shorts. Rad.

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Trevor Walton said...

I've heard good things about the Solvang Century. Never done it before though.