Jan 26, 2009

This painting has nothing to do with anything I have to say. I just figured it’s been far too long since I’ve posted any fine art. Plus, I don’t actually have much to say anyway. It’s a painting depicting a scene from one of my favorite movies.

I’ve been watching the half-hour updates on the Tour Down Under every night and it’s just making me wish it were summer. It’s been in 90s down there each day. I’m over winter. Last weekend that fickle bitch Mother Nature teased us with summer-like weather. Even down in Laguna Beach where Denise & I stayed and rode, it was up to the 80s by mid-morning. You can’t ask for better beach weather any time of the year. This weekend it’s going to feel like we live in dreary old England. It will probably warm up for Super Bowl weekend and then be cold as hell for the weekend of Boulevard Road Race. That’s usually her M.O.

Speaking of football what’s the deal with Tim Tebow and some of these other dudes deciding to stick around and play another year of amateur football? What a bunch of freaking idiots. That’s like having a winning lottery ticket, but not cashing it in. I never thought I’d commend anything USC, but at least Mark Sanchez isn’t afraid to move out of the amateur ranks. Or maybe no one wants to go into the 2009 NFL draft because they’re likely to get picked up by Detroit. That’s kind of like amateur football too I suppose.

What else do I have to rant about? I know. How about all the time I’ve wasted recently on Facebook, or Spacebook, or My Face, whatever it’s called. I think after staying up until 11 pm last night, I’m finally over it. At least I hope so. It seems super cool once you start, but on mornings like this when you wake up with a Facebook hangover, you regret every minute of it. Somehow I still managed to get up and get myself on the trainer this morning, but it wasn’t easy. Speaking of Facebook and trainers, Adam Hart posted a 20 second video of himself riding the trainer. There’s only one thing less exciting than riding the trainer and that’s watching someone else rider the trainer. Sorry Adam. I’m just saying.

What else? Gran Torino got zero Oscar nominations. Are you kidding me? If you ask me, members of the Academy are just asking for Clint to walk into the Kodak Theatre guns a’ blazing. Instead of Clint, they’re either going to give the best actor award to a guy who played a dead guy (Sean Penn or Frank Langella), a guy whose character is heading in the opposite direction of dying (Brad Pitt), or a guy who I thought was already dead, but actually isn’t (Mickey Rourke). I should sell that joke to Letterman.

I’m not the only one in the family who’s funny.

Denise: When are you going to start dressing yourself?
Ryder: When I’m 10.

And finally, I’m selling my TT bike. It’s a 56cm aluminum Trek Equinox 9 with Dura Ace brakes, Ultegra derailleurs, Bontrager RaceXLite cranks, handlebar, and saddle, and carbon fiber Profile Designs sticks and brake levers. The Mavic wheels aren’t anything special which is why I’m willing to part ways with this red rocket ship for the low price of one thousand U.S. dollars. I probably have less than 10 hours on the thing because I hate time trials and time trials hate me, but don’t let that stop you from becoming the next Fabian Cancellera or even Kristen Armstrong.

I guess I did have plenty to say...

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