Aug 3, 2005

1 More Post Before We Leave for Utah

Tuesday Night "I thought you said, 'Never again.'"
- Craig Turner, when I showed up for the Sunset ride on my mountain bike, after declaring, a week ago to the day, that I would, "Never again," commit the same mistake.

I faired better this week than last, but just barely & my only excuse is that I front-flatted on the third lap. The tire held air long enough for me to complete the third & final lap, but at the regrouping point, I made everyone wait and watch as I fumbled with the new tube exchange due mostly to the acid sweat that had ran into my eyes. How the only guy with 26-inch mountain bike semi-slicks got a flat tire is a mystery.

Anyway, the usual suspects were there, but some were missing. No Zuke, who is apparently in Colorado Springs looking for a place to live, no Padilla, who has apparently called his season a season & has retreated to the weight room already, no Josh, who is short-handed at the hospital, no James, who was apparently picking up Loren's single-speed from Ben at Cycle Tek, & no Mike Sheppard, who is resting after having spent the spring racing in Europe & the summer racing in Utah & Wisconsin. Still, Jeff Fullford, Adrian Olsen, Todd Parks & Turner made the ride interesting & it was good to see Marine Tom even though he launched the attack that eventually led to my demise. Okay, enough name dropping.

Ryder Bathed Last Night. I Didn't.
Last night after the ride I came home, ate dinner & gave Ryder a bath. He loves taking a bath because he likes to splash & splash & splash & splash & splash around. It's crazy how much he squirms & wiggles & kicks & laughs & laughs & laughs in the bath. And as soon as I took him out of the water he started crying. It's amazing to me that the kid is only 14 weeks out of the womb & he's already able to splash around in the bath like a dolphin. If only I liked to bathe as much as Ryder. Denise couldn't be so lucky.

Ryder Photo of the Day (not in the bath)

Correction: "BTW, your mom's dog is 7 1/2 weeks old. - D"

Note to James: What's with all the D-Town tubing?

Thanks: To Greg Johnson for hooking me up with a sano Bontrager Jersey to wear at the Nat'l.

In His Own Words, Help a Dork Out: "Lost my phone. Can you help a dork out and pass along the digits? Thanks, Josh"
If anyone thinks Josh should have their number, email it to me & I'll forward it to him.

Speaking of Josh,
this is what we did to celebrate his birthday & the summer solstice last month. After doing the Tuesday night ride, Josh, Jeff Fulford, James, Todd (a.k.a. The Natural) & I climbed Smiley Blvd. It hurt like hell, especially after three laps around Sunset & doing the 12-Hour only a few days before. Here's a shot that James took from the summit. Josh's face and body language says it all.

Off to Brian Head... hopefully this doesn't happen again.

I wonder what reality television show Mark Foist is watching right now?

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