Aug 19, 2005

Baby Showers, Too Much Cake & Crit Practice: Which is more uncomfortable?

They had a baby shower for Magan & Jeremy at work on Wednesday so we all got to gaze at the expecting couple while they opened gifts for the soon to be born Joey. Denise & Ryder were invited. Poor Ryder. He had the hiccups the entire time. Poor me. I ate two pieces of cake & felt sick the rest of the day.

Ryder got passed around the room quite a bit.

I can't believe I ate two giant pieces of cake.

Ryder & Jeremy have the same hair cut.

Pick Your Favorite Caption:

  1. I went to crit practice on Thursday.
  2. I shouldn't have had two pieces of cake.
  3. All of the above.

James Caught on Film

Check out James on the front of the Big Bear Valley Sports page from the State Race last weekend. I wonder how many readers have already sent the editor scathing mail, accusing the newspaper of doctoring James' biceps so they look bigger than normal, a' la Tom Boonen's Paris-Roubaix VeloNews cover shot. I know The Real James Williams & The Real James Williams has Boonen-size biceps. Longo made the inside of the paper to back up his first in class finish.

Quote: "Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride." - John F. Kennedy

1 comment:

jimmywill said...

them arms are part of the reason i way 10lbs more than you and why i subsequently get dropped, 2nd lap, after caroline-every damn can set your watch by it...
racing rim nordic this weekend?
hoyt and i rode today and he did some bitchin' about you and josh covering every should just tell hoyt to eat less ice cream...