Aug 26, 2005

45 Minutes & 5 Laps of Pain & Discomfort
Crit was as uncomfortable as ever last night. Like an idiot I watched Turner attack with tandem-mounted Padilla in tow. I just watched it instead of followed it because it was still early in the evening, but when Zuke bridged up to the trio a few laps later, & again I just watched, that was all the horsepower they needed. They stayed away for the rest of the evening despite a futile attempt by yours truly to jump across from the main group to the break. Too little too late. I ended up spending about six laps out on my own in the wind, building a lot of character. That move was almost as lame a move as not reacting to the moves made by the break. When certain people go up the road, you should go with them. I know that rule, yet for some reason, I don’t always follow it. Idiot.

Road Rage
On the days I ride to work I’ve been leaving later & later it seems. Today I left a few minutes to 6:30, but on Barton Rd. just outside of Redlands I got in a pissing match with four other dudes, so I ended up getting to work much faster than normal. Every time I thought I had shaken the group for good, I’d catch a red light somewhere on Barton & they’d come rolling up beside me. One of them, who probably out-weighed me by about 50 lbs. (including the 15 lb. backpack I take to work) was hell-bent on dropping me & because I was running a little late, I figured, what the hell. So, every time I’d catch a red light, they’d come rolling up just in time for the green light & as I would start rolling from a dead stop, he’d punch it. It was comedy because I would just time trial up to him, roll by & gap him until the next red light. And then it would happen all over again. I wanted to really ruin the guy’s day going up the hill in to Grand Terrace, but he didn’t quite make it that far. He & his comrads finally disappeared somewhere around Reche Canyon Rd. I guess I owe them thanks for getting to work on time.

Jeff Fulford Checks In
A torn ACL & a recently broken hub on his road bike has kept Jeff away lately. He’s getting both repaired, but not before going on an epic of a mountain bike vacation. Flagstaff, Durango, Crested Butte & possibly Brian Head are on the ride itinerary (lucky bastard). Jeff goes under the knife on Sept. 21 (unlucky bastard) & plans to be back in business by San Dimas Stage Race. As a fellow ACL replacee, I suggest doing double the PT they prescribe. I guess I’m preaching to the choir because Jeff is a PT. Good luck anyway dude.

I'm dying to know what's going on at Mt. Snow right now...

Quote: “Great things are done when men & mountains meet. This is not done by jostling in the street.” – William Blake

Anyone up for Everest Challenge on September 24-25?

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