Aug 17, 2005

Another Tuesday Night

Just as we were rolling past Caroline Park & about to hang a left back up Sunset to start our second lap, Josh appears & says, “It’s about time.” The explicit replies that this invoked made me laugh so hard that my heart rate jumped from the low to the high 180’s. Josh had gotten out of work late & was casually spinning around the Sunset route waiting for us to fly by. As me, Turner, Parks, Riverside Josh & Zuke pedaled up the wall, we were all anticipating some sort of action from the late-comer. Luckily, Josh is gentlemanly enough & didn’t just jump on & push the pace and/or attack with fresh legs. Instead, he let us pound the crap out of one another until a third lap lead-out from Zuke left Turner, Parks & I on our own to finish the job. I decided to take on the role of the sacrificial lamb & drove for the remainder of the climb. It was a worthy cause because Turner, who jumped first, went virtually unchallenged. Mission accomplished; wink, wink.

Other Bike Stuff

  • If anyone wants to shell out $600 to learn how to ride a cross bike click here. Shouldn’t there be some golf & tubing on the schedule too?

  • We (Team Redlands) have been asked to take part in the filming of a movie this weekend. We’re to show up dressed in our team kits at the Mill Creek Ranger Station this Saturday morning. I know few details of the movie other than it’s about a woman who leaves the small town she grew up in to live in the big city. She strikes it rich somehow and returns to her small town roots in a limo or H2 or something. I don’t know who stars in it (besides us), I don’t know who the director is & I don’t even know if I’m going to go. The last film production I took place in was the K&N commercial & that was a freaking nightmare. Maybe I can find some place to lay more sod on Saturday instead.

  • I think I figured out why Jan Ullrich can suffer on a bicycle better & more than most mortals. The Kaiser has the sole burden of paying for the sins committed by the German people during World War II.

Apparently Someone Did Leave P O’d
A Note from Luke:
I am officially placing our Scattegories game on protest. I, Lucas Stiles, used the political figure Pol Pot for the letter "P" in hopes of locking up two points. I was challenged by the other players, as they stated that Pol Pot was one word which reduced my points from 2 to 1. Upon further review & research, Pol Pot is indeed two separate words. The game must be replayed. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

Sorry Luke. I had your back. I guess that’s what happens when we play with people who did not attend the University of Jello Biafra.

Quote: “Like dogs, bicycles are social catalysts that attract a supreme category of people.” – New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Harper’s, Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, Men’s Journal, National Geographic Adventure journalist, Chip Brown.

I attempted to shoot a few photos while riding last night...

Just up the road there is a group of little angry men plotting to rip the lungs out of these poor souls.

Tommy B. (not to be confused w/Tommy D.) hangings on.

Jon Reth took his usual massive pull, which resulted in a shattered field. Who says newlywed dental school students can't throw it down?


jimmywill said...

word. i like how your site is taking on more of a mocking tone, a satire of the durango blogs...
we are business partners in the mean very helpful cyclocross clinic, right?
racing rim nodic this weekend. i'll be there...

Jonathan said...

haha, i'll try to give you something to really talk about one of these days. . . . cool pictures!