Aug 22, 2005

FREE! German Shepard Mutt Mix

This is what I came home to Friday after a hard day at the office.

Meanwhile, for his 4 month birthday, Ryder began Driver's Ed. Hands at 10 & 2 Ryder! Hands at 10 & 2!

Not much to report from over the weekend. I did just over 72 miles on Saturday & the group ride on Sunday. On both days I came home after the ride & started working on the house well into the night. I'm tired.

Greg checks in from the Trek sales meeting in Waterloo, WI:
"Well, Lance was here yesterday. He signed a life long contract with Trek. After that we drank a few Shiner Bocks and talked about his last tour. It was a blast!"

I think I’ll be drinking Shiner Bocks from now on…

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jimmywill said...

james checks in from la montana:
during the race i was fading so bad i saw lance drinking shiner and laughing at me as greg alexander peddaled past...yes, you read correctly. worst in 2 years...
is my VT ticket redeemable?