Aug 14, 2005

The Weekend In Pictures

Dog Proof.

I took Friday off & laid sod with the help of Denise & her dad. The front yard isn't done yet because the sod guy shorted us. Denise thinks we miscalculated the square footage. Come on. Either way, the front yard is half dirt/half grass & my hamstrings & feet are killing me.

Lucas & Jackie were in town, so Mr. Lindeman, Chris & Cindy came over. We played games & believe it or not, no one got in a fight. I don't even think anyone left pissed off.

Instead of doing the State Race up at Big Bear on Sunday, my feet & hamstrings talked me into doing a road ride. Check out the billboards on the side of the road...

Another lazy Sunday morning.

1 comment:

jimmywill said...

laying sod is no joke--carrying a squre in each hand, which you can only do early in the day, is like carrying a dead body.

sun was cool-felt really good. the redlands crew was missed for their company, but not for their good legs.

probably see you tues or thurs...depending.